Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A recipe for car parking chaos’ claim Labour

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‘A recipe for car parking chaos’ claim Labour
Latest Tory motion – ill judged, too late and not enough

A Tory motion due to be debated at Northumberland County Hall on Wednesday has been described as ‘ill-judged, too late and not thought out’ after it emerged the motion was ‘unsustainable’. Labour and Liberal Democrats have both questioned the complicated formula out lined by Tory group leader Peter Jackson which sought to rely on savings from council buildings which had already been sold.

The Motion was described as ‘an exercise in spin over substance’ as it proposed to ‘suspend car parking charges’ in defined areas across Northumberland even though the Liberal Council was ‘unilaterally’ dispensing with charges in places like Hexham which will see charges dropped on a Sunday. The council has come under fire for suspending charges on Sunday’s when the town is at its quietest and for continuing to use patrolling wardens even though charges have been dropped.

Labour has previously drawn attention to its own motion tabled over one year ago which would have given the powers to grant free parking to town and parish council’s across the county. Labour have insisted the motion was fully costed and it now forms a plank of its election manifesto in 2013.

Labour group leader Grant Davey said

‘The current council policy on car parking charges across the county is a shambles. A new policy seems to be announced every week. Into this confusion comes this Tory motion which is not costed, clearly opportunistic and lasts only four weeks. Both Liberal and Tory parties voted against our motion last year and we’ll be voting against this motion because it fails two key tests. Firstly, it doesn’t take into account local feeling, we happen to think that local town and parishes are best placed to tell us if free car parking will benefit their towns and shopping areas. Secondly, this motion only sets out effective policy for the Christmas period. We think this is a major issue all year round and we should be supporting businesses throughout the year. After all, business support should be all year round, not just for Christmas’.


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