Monday, 21 January 2013

Dodgy Budget Puts Workers Lives on Hold

Dodgy Budget Puts Workers Lives on Hold

Northumberland Liberal administered ConDem Coalition released the news today that they have decided to push through a 12 week budget instead of setting a legal budget for 2013/14.

The ConDem Coalition at County Hall have already cut jobs in Northumberland by 2500 in the last five years, 1500 through a redundancy scheme and a thousand through not filling posts and hosting an emergency budget last year four weeks after setting a legal budget. Their handling of policy on the Third Sector, Car Parking, Centralisation, Equality Issues and the Economy of Northumberland has damaged confidence in our high streets, they have also lost the two largest private sector employers under their watch.

The County Council recognises that 2014/15 will be a difficult year for Local Government but Northumberland has chosen to wait and review a budget a year away before setting a budget for the next financial year. They are putting a paper to the Executive on 28th January stating a review of the medium term finacial plan hasn't been achieved by the Administration in the time provided so a short term budget must be set and reviewed after the election on May 2nd.

Northumberland Labour Group Leader, Grant Davey said: "The setting of a 'dodgy budget' for the second year running shows the contempt the Lib Dems and their Tory handmaidens have for the people of Northumberland, the staff they employ who rely on budget setting to see what the future holds for them and the reputation of our top officers, which will suffer by supporting this myopic delivery policy."

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