Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Northumberland Labour Group Concerned for our Elderly

Northumberland Labour Group Concerned for our Elderly

During cold snaps like these our elderly population suffer more isolation than normal and that is worrying members of Northumberland Labour Group.

In a County as large as Northumberland Social Inclusion by members of our communities is a must for older people, the disabled, single mums and those living alone in society so Labour Group is urging people to think of thier neighbours and relatives whilst were stuck in the icy grip of winter.

Northumberland Labour Group Leader said: "please remember to phone your friends relatives and neighbours and if your taking a trip to the supermarket or village shop, contact the vulnerable and ask if they need anything. The collection of everyday goods such as milk and bread and the short chat when you drop them off is all some people need to help them feel part of their community whilst the weather is bad."

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