Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Short-term budget “no way to run a council and a shabby way to treat staff”

Short-term budget “no way to run a council and a shabby way to treat staff”
Liberal Democrat-run Northumberland County Council look set to push through a budget covering just 12 weeks instead of a legal budget for the next financial year.  
Where most local authorities across the country are to set legal budget for the year 2013/14, the Lib Dem Cabinet at Northumberland are looking to adopt a short-term budget covering only a few months.  The Council claim this is due to its failure to complete a review of its medium-term financial plan.
This follows last year’s budget chaos when the Council set two budgets in the space of one year.
Councillor Grant Davey, Labour Group Leader at Northumberland County Council said:
“For the second year running, the Lib Dem administration is demonstrating a complete lack of financial competence and leadership. They seem to be offering the people of Northumberland, a ‘vote now, pay later deal’ by refusing to set out their budget until after the local elections in May. At a time when local government finances are stretched to breaking point by central government cuts, we can’t go on having a Council budget planned month by month.
“The Lib Dems refusal to set out a yearly budget is creating huge uncertainty.
“This is no way to run a Council and a shabby way to treat staff.”
- The Northumberland County Council Executive will consider the adoption of a 12 week budget at their meeting on 28th January 2013

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