Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Three Meetings of the Communities and Place Overview and Scrutiny Panel that CC Glen Sanderson Chairs and has not got the time for this important item on Farm Workers Pay

Northumberland County Council
Communities and Place Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Work Programme 2012-2013

Housing/Annual Business
Venue: Bernicia Headquarters, Kingston Park (including visit to Bernicia extra care development)
Bernicia Housing Group - Presentation (Bernicia Representative)
Strategic Housing Services: (a) Performance Report (b) Affordable Housing Definition (c) Adaptations (d) Energy Use/Fuel Poverty (e) Performance Data on Social Housing Providers - Updates (Daljit Lally/Kevin Lowry/Councillor T Brechany)
Annual Work Programme (Annual Member Research Survey) - Draft/Residual (Paul Allen/Jackie Roll)
13 June 2012 MEETING THEME:
Waste Management
Venue: Tees Valley Energy from Waste Plant, Billingham
Waste Management Service Plan: (a) Performance (b) Garden Waste Collection Performance (c) Textile Recycling – Update
Recommendations to Executive - Annual Monitoring Report (Paul Allen/Jackie Roll/Councillor J Reid)
12 July 2012 MEETING THEME:
Communities/Sport and Leisure
Ponteland Leisure Centre
Customer and Cultural Services Service Plan: Sport and Leisure Service - Update (Kate Roe/Stacey Burlet/Councillor NJ Bradbury)
Sport England Strategy - Presentation (Judith Rasmussen/Stacey Burlet/Councillor NJ Bradbury)
Northumberland County Council Engagement Update - July 2012 (Stacey Burlet/Councillor R Styring)
Neighbourhood Services - Verbal Update (Grass-cutting) (Andy Rutherford/Councillor JA Thompson)

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