Wednesday, 13 February 2013

It is a pity that people in Berwick have been confused about the use of Pay to Park

It is a pity that people in Berwick have been confused about the use of Pay to Park Machines over the Xmas period, but it is heartening to learn that the anti pay parking petition has now raised upwards of 1700 signatures in Berwick and numbers are picking up in the other market towns across the County blighted by the Administrations stealth tax on motorists.

With the council busy trying to put their budget plans to bed for the 2013/14 year, traditionally announced in the last week of February, the Business people of Berwick  are urging the authority to make car parking free for shoppers.
The business community claims this would increase footfall in the town centre, make them more attractive places for firms to do business, and reduce the number of vacant commercial premises.
Northumberland Labour Group agrees with the business sector that free car parking would benefit our market towns. Labour Group Leader Grant Davey said: “ We just need to look at the Metro Centre to see how free parking at shopping centres boosts trade, their car parks are bursting at the seams most days and trade seems endless”
If able to form an administration in May, Northumberland Labour Group want to work with Town and Parish Councils to produce local parking plans to see if traffic can be managed in an area without the need for charging. They believe Town and Parish councils can work through the problems and that trade will increase, the offer to customers will get better through the increased footfall and people will benefit through greater competition via  this change

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