Thursday, 28 February 2013

Jeff Reid Statement in the this weeks Hexham Courant“I live in Blyth and Blyth is a dump

Since 2008 Northumberland County Council has been in the hands of a Liberal administration, on vesting day they were handed the opportunity to create a 'New Unitary Council' County wide across a vast area with the second highest population of any Unitary Council in the North East.

Jeff Reid the Leader of the Liberal Administration lives in Plessey Ward in the Town of Blyth and is their Councillor. His mother was a Blyth Liberal Councillor before him.

He recently attended a meeting to announce the launch of a rural entrprise hub for Hexham and was joined by his Tory Coalition mate Peter Jackson. At that meeting Councillor Reid said "I live in Blyth and Blyth is a dump I usually get in the car and go to Cramlington to shop".

Northumberland Labour Group Leader Grant Davey said; "Its typical of his attitude towards his home town, he has had ample opportunity to share the wealth however little around all of Northumberlands market towns but as you can see from his statement he's not interested and has no pride in the town where he lives and the communities he represents. When accepting the leadership of Northumberland County Council in 2008, Jeff Reid took on the mantle of caretaker for the WHOLE of Northumberland.
But in conjunction with his Party he poured money and time into other areas at the expense of his home town of Blyth, Northumberlands largest town"

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