Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Local Labour Town Councillor Ian Ayres fighting for local residents in Cramlington

Local residents in the Beaconhill Green area of Cramlington have signed a petition to get the council to repair the footbridge over the railway line.

Town councillors have been battling to get repairs carried out on the Beaconhill footbridge over the east coast railway line, after it was closed due to health and safety concerns.
Coun Ian Ayres has called on Northumberland County Council to introduce a temporary shuttle bus service to help people in the area get access to shops and services in the town centre, rather than face a potentially dangerous walk.
“Solutions need to be found and they need to be found soon,” he said.
“We must continue to raise and highlight residents anger and concerns to Northumberland County Council over the closure of Beaconhill public footbridge and the impact it’s causing the local community accessing local services within Cramlington town centre.
“The footbridge which is in a dangerous condition and in the interest of public safety has to remain closed until it is repaired.
“The footbridge has been closed for four months, provides a vital link between hundreds of residents and the shops, facilities and services.
“I’m urging Northumberland County Council to back my idea for a replacement Bus Shuttle Service to help alleviate demands and urgent issues while the public footbridge is closed.”
A spokesman for Northumberland County Council said: “In response to the concerns and requests of local people we have been looking at providing a shuttle bus to help residents to get from one side of the footbridge to Manor Walks shopping centre, that will particularly benefit people with mobility problems.
“We are talking to local councillors this week and should have more details to announce shortly.
“The shuttle service should be in place by March 4, if not before.”

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