Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Prince Charles Duchy of Cornwall Supports Farm Wages Cuts

Northumberland Labour Group found it difficult to accept that the British Royal Family wish to extend the problems of Farm Workers nationally. UNITE the union have attacked Prince Charles for having his Duchy of Cornwall managers  support the abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board a body that has set farm earnings in England and Wales since 1948.

UNITE the union exposed Prince Charles by revealing the manager of his Duchy of Cornwall nursery wrote to the Department for the Environment backing the Condem Governments controversial plans to allow agricultural workers wages to be set  locally and that the protection offered to them for feeding the nation since 1948 be removed.

It is estimated that landowners will benefit by an additional £235M over the next decade through wages and conditions cuts being planned to increase the wealth of the sectors investors at the expense of its workers.

Here in Northumberland over 4000 people rely on the safety net provided by the Agricultural Wages Board, Leader of Northumberland Labour Group Leader Grant Davey said:" Were aware it costs a good deal more to live in rural areas than in an urban environment and although agricultural workers pay is not high this was reflected through the protection offered by their Wages Board, the opportunity now presents itself to erode that protection and ensure growth for the wealth of the Landowner can be expected at the expense of the those who toil and work the land on their behalf".

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