Friday, 8 February 2013

Reply to Guy Opperman Journal Letters

Dear Sir

The Journals report of the Right Honorable Guy Opperman's wish to relive the halcyon days of Tynedale District Council was even more off the beam than some of his other rants recently. I presume from his statements that he has recruited Hans Anderson as his Parliamentary researcher, as within Delloites report on the financial state of Tynedale Council their reserves at closure are listed as £4,871,000 not £30M as stated in his report. In fact the Council showed an overspend of £260,000 in its last year.

His attack on the new leisure centre planned for Ashington is also a shout in the wind, Wansbeck District Council sold land and assets to support the renewal of their Leisure Centre with both the capital receipts and the responsibility to build it falling on the shoulders of Northumberland County Council. On his criticism of free parking in Blyth, I'll simply remind him that former Councils in South East Northumberland saw secondary tax on motorists as unnecessary and a burden on local trade. Since his Government has intensified its attacks on market towns and local commerce in the North whilst developing an even wider economic divide from Southern England his Tory mates have woken up at County Hall and are supporting Labours plans to extend free parking County-wide.

On his belief that Tynedale gets a raw deal from Northumberland Unitary Council in comparison with the South East of the County he couldn't be further from the truth, As said in the article by the Liberal leader of Northumberland Jeff Reid they treat all of Northumberland Equally and that’s true, the whole of the County is equally as bad as the area he represents and the people of Tynedale haven't been singled out for special treatment. The combination of a Liberal Executive and the Tories running scrutiny to ensure the vote(many of them ex-Tynedale) has lowered standards, but the real truth is that Tory support and I'll remind your readers Mr Opperman is a Tory, for the Bankers, Eric Pickles and the Parliamentary Lib Dems has lowered the standards Councils can deliver nationally and hiding behind fairy tales whilst watching the last glimmer of hope fade into a Tynedale sunset isn't something I would expect from a supposedly intelligent MP.

Grant Davey,
Kitty Brewster Ward,
Leader,Northumberland Labour Group,

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