Friday, 1 March 2013

Council leader and Blyth councillor Jeff Reid brands Blyth as ‘a dump’


Senior Lib Dem leader slammed by MP after describing his town ‘a dump’.
A row has broken out after Liberal Democrat Council leader and Blyth councillor Jeff Reid branded the town ‘a dump’ in a public meeting held at Hexham Business Forum.
Blyth MP Ronnie Campbell has called on the leader of the council to apologise immediately to the residents of the town and to consider his position in the run up to May’s elections.
Local community groups and shops also branded his comments ‘a disgrace’ and disrespectful of the community he represents in Plessey ward.
Councillor Reid was quoted as saying during a discussion on town centres ‘I live in Blyth and Blyth is a dump. I usually get in the car and go to Cramlington to shop’.
He went onto defend the council’s controversial car parking charging policy which has been described as ‘a stealth tax for the residents’.
Ronnie Campbell MP said
‘Jeff Reid has a nerve. He’s having a go at his own town and talking it down. He’s hammering the hard working people who are striving to make a go of their businesses and he’s conveniently forgetting his 5 years as leader of the council which has neglected Blyth. He needs to apologise immediately and unreservedly and he needs to consider whether he’s the best person to represent a place he’s described as a ‘dump’.
Kitty Brewster Councillor and Labour group leader Grant Davey said
‘Councillor Reid has disrespected the people who put him in County Hall. He’s given big thumbs down to the traders and residents who are trying so hard to breathe life back into Blyth and he needs to apologise. He’s gone up to Hexham to bad mouth Blyth which is a pretty despicable thing to do’. 

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