Thursday, 14 March 2013

It could be our last word on this news story but then may be ???

‘Rip Van Reid’ says ‘sorry’ (I fell asleep on the job and wasted 5 years of opportunities for Blyth)
Anybody who has heard Jeff Reid’s ‘crocodile tears’ today after he was caught red-handed calling his own town a ‘dump’ should consider the following points
1.    Jeff Reid has run the council that has allowed Blyth to deteriorate for the last 5 years. He’s been asleep on the job.
2.    Jeff Reid has been happy to pass out the council goodies (even announcing Blyth was a ‘dump’ in a meeting where he was announcing more investment for Hexham) ignoring towns like Blyth.
3.    The Liberals led by Jeff Reid are bragging today about £250,000 investment for rural areas so the residents of Blyth are entitled to ask ‘what about us’?
4.    Jeff Reid’s Liberal Democrats are raking in nearly £5m from car parking fees around the county but it’s not being spent on towns like Blyth.
5.    Liberal Democrat Northumberland is spending over £14m a year on IT including some consultants ‘earning’ £850 per day and yet he’s allowed Blyth to become ‘a dump’ ( Jeff’s words not ours)
The truth is Jeff Reid is taking Blyth for granted and he’s taking the mick. He’s complaining about his town but he’s forgetting to own up to his 5 years asleep on the job.
Jeff Reid is well paid and he can afford to ‘jump in his car’ and travel to Cramlington to shop but he’s forgetting to tell people about his role in the decline of Blyth.
5 Years of Jeff Reid, asleep on the job, ignoring Blyth and the South East and treating the town with such disrespect.
Jeff Reid has just said on Tyne Tees ‘I wish I could go back in time and take back what I said’.
We say now Blyth knows what he really thinks about the place he’s had 5 years to change.
‘Rip Van Reid’ the council leader who fell asleep on the job, the man who wishes he could go back in time. 
Sorry is an easy word for Jeff Reid but what he should be apologising for is 5 years of wasted chances for Blyth
Blyth must ask itself – Can it afford 5 more years of Jeff Reid’s inaction and disrespect or should it ‘dump’ him
Vote Labour on 2 May

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