Monday, 4 March 2013

Jeff hits the Nationals today Daily Mirror

Jeff Reid: Northumberland council boss apologises for calling home town Blyth a "dump"

The Lib Dem leader said sorry to the historic port's 35,000 inhabitants after saying he would never shop there
Sorry: Jeff Reid
Sorry: Jeff Reid Youtube grab
A council boss last night apologised to 35,000 people in his home town after branding them dump dwellers.
Lib Dem leader of Northumberland council Jeff Reid angered voters in the historic port of Blyth by saying he would never shop there.
The Plessey representative said at a business forum: “I live in Blyth and Blyth is a dump so I drive to Cramlington to shop.”
Furious Blyth Valley Labour MP Ronnie Campbell said: “Jeff Reid has a nerve. He’s having a go at his own town and talking it down. He is hammering people who are striving to make a go of their businesses.”
Mr Reid said he had been trying to explain the difficulties facing Blyth, 13 miles north of Newcastle, and had condensed that into “it is a dump”.
He added: “I was born here I belong here. I doubt I am going to live anywhere else. I love the place, it is my home town. Do I regret saying it? Absolutely.” Blyth dates from the 12th century and is a key port with a renewable energy centre.
It boasts several excellent Indian restaurants and a beautiful sandy beach with the only beach huts in the county.

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