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Remember this rant by Jeff Reid at the count we do ?

Published Date: 11 May 2010
News Post Leader
BLYTH Valley Liberal Democrat candidate and leader of Northumberland County Council, Jeff Reid, was heckled as he accused Labour of running a negative campaign.
Mr Reid was branded a "bad loser" and was almost drowned by slow hand clapping and chants of "get off" as he criticised the Labour Party, which he described as a "wave of negativity", at Friday's general election count.During the speech, which most other candidates had used to thank people involved in their campaigns, Mr Reid said: "You have plunged the country into an era of uncertainty."I'm very disappointed about the negative approach."All you did was just go on about how terrible the council is and how 'if it wasn't for the Lib Dems ...'."This is not the type of political move many thought it would be."Mr Reid explained afterwards: "Labour specifically ran a negative campaign which did not put forward any proposals of what they wanted to do."It was all about how awful the Lib Dem county council is and how terrible a Conservative government would be."It's totally the Labour Party's fault that the county council is in the position it's in. We are trying our best to get it back on track."All they do is moan and complain and they have no positive ideas. They are a wave of negativity, you could hear how they were shouting at me."We are in a hole and it is the fault of the Labour Party. They had a huge political majority, a huge political advantage but they frittered it away."Mr Reid added: "I can't be disappointed with the voters, they exercised their democratic right, but I was bitterly disappointed that over all, throughout the country we didn't do better than we did."Northumberland Conservative Group leader Peter Jackson said: "Conservatives have set a positive agenda and deplore the negative campaigning and mud slinging from the other parties."The Lib Dems did not offer anything for the county but to put down Ronnie Campbell, and Labour was banging on about how badly the Lib Dems are running the county council."That wasn't really what the election was about. It was supposed to be about the national government and the changes needed nationally."Locally, the Conservatives campaigned to make life better for the residents of Blyth Valley, like fixing the roads and filling up all the pot holes, and we need to ensure our elderly people are looked after as well as possible and give young people a positive start in life."I think the Lib Dems were just as bad as the Labour Party, because of that neither of these groups got a positive vote."They were both down on the previous election and I think that's why."Their bickering amongst themselves missed the point completely about wanting what's best for the country."We were absolutely delighted about the increase in our share of the vote. The Conservatives came in third and Barry Flux was very well received."Ronnie Campbell said there was nothing negative about his own campaign."My main leaflet was very positive and if they are saying that they should go away and cry and have a dram of whisky, then come back and fight," the re-elected MP said."That he should have a go at me is an absolute disgrace."Mr Campbell said he had campaigned on issues like affordable homes, jobs, quality of life, health care and schools.He also objected to Mr Reid's view that Labour inflicted the unitary authority on the county."It was the last thing I wanted – it was the (Labour) regime in County Hall (at the time) – we fought hard to try and stop it."Blyth Labour said 'we don't want this' but they completely ignored us.""I think they are bad losers."

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