Saturday, 23 March 2013

Reply from Scott Dickinson.Let's not forget that Labour have pledged FREE parking for all since 2008 it was in our manifesto then and remains so

Although it pains me to agree with Cllr Jackson I find myself doing it, he is absolutely right the voters in Northumberland will vote for a new administration at County Hall and will walk away from the Libdems who have been supported since 2008 by Conservatives. However if he seriously believes that people in Northumberland will choose the Conservative Party to form the administration at County Hall he is sadly mistaken.

Let's not forget that Labour have pledged FREE parking for all since 2008 it was in our manifesto then and remains so, the Conservatives are simply electioneering. It was only a few months ago he wanted every car user in Northumberland to be charged £15 and the sudden change in Conservative policy only shows they know Labour were right in 2008 and they know we are right now. Our strategy to boost Northumberland local economy and breath life into small Towns across the County is the right move for Northumberland, lets get Northumberland people using Northumberland Towns.

The only real alternative to what Northumberland have had for the last 5yrs is a Labour Administration, he knows it, we know it but most importantly the public know that too. Labours priorities for the County Council are the public’s priorities for the County, people want a Council to be proud of, a council that takes action, that serves them well and most importantly that listens and reacts to the need of local people. On May the 4th when the result is known and Labour introduces it's Administration team people across Northumberland will breath a sign of relief as will I.

Tories target County Hall with free parking pledge
Berwick  Advertiser

Conservative Councillor Peter Jackson

Published on Friday 22 March 2013 14:51
The Conservative Party may be having a rough ride at a national level but at a local level confidence is high ahead of the council elections on May 2.
Coun Peter Jackson, leader of Northumberland Conservatives, believes voters will be seeking an alternative to the current Liberal Democrat administration.
“There is a strong feeling of frustration with the past four years at the county council,” said Coun Jackson on a visit to Berwick to launch the party’s election manifesto.
“It’s been characterised by drift and a lack of direction.
“I think if you asked people right across Northumberland what purpose it’s had and what difference it has had to their lives they would probably say very little.”
He is not unduly worried by the party’s unpopularity at a national level at the moment.
“The reality in Northumberland is that it’s a fight between the Conservatives and Lib Dems,” explained Coun Jackson. “I believe the current Lib Dem administration will be held responsible for the council’s problems when residents make their vote on May 2.”
They have formed their priority list after undertaking a survey of 10,000 residents.
Free parking, tackling potholes properly and controls on wind turbine applications featured prominently in wish-lists.
Coun Jackson said: “We all know that Northumberland is a fantastic place to live but there are problems that need tackling, particularly here in Berwick.”

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