Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Opinion of a Resident of Blyth in the Journal

The Opinion of a Resident of Blyth

As a local community worker based in Blyth and a resident, I am appalled at Councillor Jeff Reids' comments stating ‘Blyth is a dump’. 

Why on earth does this man represent the people of Blyth when he thinks like this. Not only does he represent our community, he is also Leader of our Council a position he has held for almost five years why hasn't he done something for the town if he believes this statement. He gets paid a generous amount and has had ample time to do something about it. People like him should not represent our community any more. 

I was born and bred in Blyth, I'm proud of my town and I work extremely hard to try a make the community a better place. For those who do live here. We have a good park, a pleasant beach, good cycle tracks, yet he deems this unworthy for himself.

Last week there was a Winter Festival held in Ridley Park which was a phenomenal success. Hundreds attended and this is just one of the many positive events Blyth holds regularly. We have good community centres, a sports centre, good provision for young people; this provision however has diminished under the current Lib Dem leadership of the council County with an unfair spread of cuts to certain areas and some of these amenities are only there thanks to the kind hearted community members of Blyth.

Throughout Jeff Reids reign, it’s not only the cuts for young people that have affected the Town but the elderly and vulnerable have also been hit hard. 

Jeff Reids was brought into power to represent the people of Blyth and paid a healthy sum to do so, however with comments like this it just shows how disloyal and undeserving of this position he is. He is an insult to the people of Blyth and an embarrassment to the town, he should resign and let someone do the job he should have been doing himself for the past five years. 

Resident of Blyth Eileen Cartie

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