Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Once again, Liberal ‘cutmeister’ General, Andrew Tebbutt complains about his own Government

Once again, Liberal ‘cutmeister’ General, Andrew Tebbutt complains about his own Government

The Liberal Democrats in Northumberland have slammed their own government for the latest savage round of cuts to local government.
Only 3 weeks after Liberal Democrat MP for Berwick, Alan Beith trumpeted getting a ‘£250,000’ windfall for rural areas, his Lib Dem colleague Andrew Tebbutt has slammed the government saying ‘there seems to be a complete lack of understanding in government about the pressures that occur in this part of the country’ and opined ‘there are none so deaf as they who won’t hear’.
Only 4 months ago, Liberal Democrat leader Jeff ‘Blyth is a dump’ Reid described similar comments as ‘posturing at the tax payers’ expense’ and said ‘we’ve just got to get on with it’ (Journal: Sat 5 Jan pg37).
So what’s changed?
As the election looms large in the minds of the Liberal Democrats in County Hall it’s clear that they want to blame anyone but themselves for the mess they’ve made of Northumberland in the last 5 years.
The truth is the Liberals were happy to ‘make the tough decisions’ when there were no elections but they’re running for cover now ‘V Day’ approaches.
On 2 May voters in Northumberland can judge the record of a Liberal Democrat administration that has sacked thousands of workers, cut £2m from frontline services, sold off the family silver and increased ‘stealth taxes’ such as the £5m tax on ‘town centre parking’, allowed the housing waiting list to rise to a record 12,000 people and secretly worked up plans to privatise the remaining council services.
They’ve been the ‘willing partners’ of a ConDem government that has introduced the ‘bedroom tax’ which will affect 5,222 Northumberland families, increased VAT, increased tuition fees for young people and cut the top rate of tax which gives millionaires an estimated £100,000 tax cut while the rest of the country struggles.
When Jeff Reid called his home town, Blyth ‘a dump’, he was letting the cat out of the bag. After 5 years of Liberal Democrat ‘rule’ from County Hall he was acknowledging that he’d ignored the towns of Northumberland and he’d kept quiet while his own government ‘had been deaf’ to Northumberland.
Labour says ‘roll on 2 May’ when Jeff Reid and his not so merry band of Liberal Democrats can face the verdict of the voters on V Day.  

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