Friday, 27 September 2013

Notice of Motion on Pay Day Loan sites.Council resolves to Block Access to Pay Day sites on Council buildings


(a) Notice of Motion No.1

In accordance with Rules of Procedure No.10, Councillor L. Pidcock to move the following motion, received by the Committee Services Manager on 24 September 2013:-
"The rising cost of living and falling income is causing genuine problems for people with their finances. Among those who borrow from high cost credit companies on average borrow around £326 per month. The interest paid on this money is punishing; many are unable to make the repayments.

This council resolves to block access to Payday loan websites through the public PC's in libraries and other council buildings across Northumberland and from its employees' computers unless and until the industry, including its advertising practices, is effectively controlled.

This Council pledges to investigate the use of planning law to regulate the growth and spread of Payday loan companies and pay weekly furniture providers who force maintenance and insurance agreements on customers, on our high streets

This action should be taken to enable the Council to protect people from taking out high interest loans from companies that fail to check that they can repay the loan, often leading to them becoming trapped in a spiral of debt.

This council is committed to strongly support recognised Credit Unions within our county as a sustainable alternative to high cost, short term credit.

We also call on this Government to legislate and effectively regulate Payday lenders and protect our communities from the growth in easy debt to bring closure on austerity as early as possible".

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