Thursday, 17 October 2013

Massive cuts to council budget as coalition cuts take chunk from households

Massive cuts to council budget as coalition cuts take chunk from households
Labour warns Conservative and Liberal Democrats in Northumberland that they need to stand up for constituents and stop doing governments ‘dirty work’

Conservative and Liberal Democrat silence about the scale of government cuts to Northumberland has been slammed as ‘deafening’ by Northumberland Labour group as the county council prepares to implement the latest increased slice of coalition government cuts which total at least £132m. The latest cut facing the county council will mean cuts to the level of services to households across the county of £260 per year. This is in addition to cuts already implemented totalling £118m and now Labour politicians are turning up the pressure on Conservative and Liberal Democrats who’ve so far refused to condemn the cuts to local families.
Labour is also pointing to the ‘coalition cost of living crisis’ as families across the county have seen their wages fall by over £1200 (House of Commons Library calculations) since David Cameron’s government took power in 2010.
Now Labour are calling for the ‘so called ‘local coalition’ of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats to make it clear to the government that the cuts are damaging their constituents.
A Labour group spokesperson said
‘The silence from Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians in Northumberland has been ‘deafening’. While families are struggling as the double whammy of coalition cuts and falling real wages bite across Northumberland, we’ve not heard a squeak from the coalition representatives in the ‘provinces’. We’re calling for them to put aside their party political allegiances and join Labour in making the case direct to David Cameron’s out of touch government that the cuts and squeeze on living standards need to be addressed quickly. This is a simple choice for them – decide about whose side you’re on – government or your constituents?’


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