Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Opinion polls in Berwick show Liberal Democrat support has collapsed

Opinion polls in Berwick show Liberal Democrat support has collapsed
Support for the party in Berwick has slumped to 28%

The Liberal Democrats in Berwick are bracing themselves for a tough fight ahead of the 2014 Euro elections and 2015 General Elections as support for the party slumped in most recent predictions.
The well respected Electoral Calculus website which aggregates the most recent opinion polls has predicted that both Labour and UKIP will be challenging a newly selected Liberal candidate and a Tory candidate. According to the most recent polls Labour now has a better chance than the Liberal Democrats of taking the seat (Lab 27% - Lib Dem 26.1%) and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) are now predicted to take over 14% share of the vote in the General Election.

The figures show a UKIP candidate would quadruple the party share of the vote since 2010. Labour are also pointing to their resurgence from the low point of the 2010 GE as the party overtakes the Liberal Democrats.

Labour’s Scott Dickinson said
‘This constituency is a three way marginal now with UKIP fast stealing the Conservative party thunder in advance of the 2014 Euro poll. Labour are setting out a bold agenda which will see hundreds of new affordable homes built over next 5 years and a crack-down on ‘rip off Britain. Our energy price freeze will give hard working families a boost and our plan to introduce a ‘fair wage across Northumberland’ will give residents across Berwick a boost. It’s clear in Berwick, if you vote for a Liberal candidate you risk letting the Tories in nationally and it’s clear that only Labour is standing up for ordinary people and families against a Tory and Lib Dem double act in government.’

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