Monday, 11 November 2013

REVEALED: The shocking cost of the Conservative ‘Action Plan’ for Prudhoe

REVEALED: The shocking cost of the Conservative ‘Action Plan’ for Prudhoe
Tory plan for the town which could cost £75m branded a ‘cynical stunt’

A Conservative party ‘blueprint’ for the future of Prudhoe including a proposal to ‘knockdown Prudhoe front street’ has come under fire from Labour politicians in the area as ‘a dangerous fantasy’ and ‘a shot in the dark’ after it emerged one of its key ‘suggestions’ would cost over £75m to implement.
The report which was commissioned and published as a party political report is said to have cost ‘thousands’ to produce and includes comments and suggestions from members of the public in Prudhoe which has a population of around 11,000. Over 5,000 copies of a survey were mailed to residents and 97 were returned.

Now Labour activists in Prudhoe are challenging Hexham Conservative party to ‘back or distance themselves from the controversial idea in the document to ‘demolish and rebuild Prudhoe Front Street’ and are pointing out such a plan would cost around £75m to carryout based on current commercial demolition charges. They’re also raising eyebrows at the MP’s ‘solo attempt’ to speak to residents as it emerged the Town Council was looking at its own consultation about the future of the town.

A spokesperson for the Labour group at the county council said
‘It’s apparent that Labour politicians on Prudhoe Town Council have never been ‘precious’ or party political when it comes to the future of the Town but they were bemused when a ‘survey from the Conservative MP landed on their desks’. Now we find out the survey claimed to be non-political yet it contains how many people will support the Conservative MP in 2015. The survey itself contains a proposal to demolish and rebuild the town’s Front Street which would cost £75m in today’s demolition prices so we’d be interested to see how a Conservative MP whose government has cut £42m from the county council budget this year plans to find the money to implement this proposal?’

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