Thursday, 16 January 2014

The LibCon alliance at County Hall cut 1500 jobs in Morpeth were moving away from the graveyard to Save Morpeths Economy!

The LibCon alliance at County Hall cut 1500 jobs in Morpeth were moving away from the graveyard to Save Morpeths Economy!

Morpeth Town is a pretty little place with a booming high street easy access to the A1, an East Coast Mainline station and 60% of its workforce employed by the state. Most are employed at three hospitals located nearby or commute to Newcastle's massive ministry buildings.
On the edge of what is Northumberlands best shopping experience, sits its County Hall, home to the remnants of a workforce ravaged by Local Government Reorganisation and the resulting Centralisation, a catastrophic spin off of change. That change includes a move by the people of Northumberland to replace a coalition administration with a Labour one in May 2013. They preside over a huge predominatly rural land mass abutting Scotland that suffers from large pockets of deprivation in its townships particularly in the South East and extreme North of the county and a decaying list of market offers to its populous. They also have the future problems of a devolved Scotland or even worse a Devo Maxed one to contend with and will be affected more than any other area in England by this change. The average wage in Northumberland is only
£10,600 per annum.
The Coalition Government's recent funding announcements have further burdened Northumberland with a series of cuts in revenue that will reduce its spending power by almost a third over the next four years.
The Labour Group on the County Council led by Grant Davey agree that the only way to save Northumberlands economy and therefore its market towns is to maintain current workforce levels, deliver the best services they can with the diminishing money they have and increase the County's meager population.
To achieve their aims they have decided to sell County Hall and move to several bases around their massive County.
The local Tories across Northumberland have accepted the news with mixed feelings, those based in market towns relish the change but those based in Morpeth are set against it.
Labour Leader Grant Davey said "I'm disappointed with those detractors who are against this move, the sale of County Hall will allow a workforce that travels in from all over the County to be based nearer their homes saving the economy of our rundown market towns. The site be replaced by homes filled with families who will live, go to school and shop in Morpeth, thereby developing a sustainable future for the town through growth. The former LibCon alliance at County Hall simply removed
1500 families from their jobs and lowered the GDP of Northumberland over the last five years causing a localised depression and the closure of many businesses over and above those expected through the dip and the resulting austerity measures. County Hall is a graveyard of lost jobs and were moving away to save and sustain both Northumberland's and Morpeths economy."

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