Saturday, 28 June 2014

‘Time to stop knocking the town’ urges Grant Davey as Westgate House is sold

‘Time to stop knocking the town’ urges Grant Davey as Westgate House is sold

Labour politicians in Blyth have reacted positively to plans by a major, national property developer to develop Westgate House which formerly housed the town’s Cooperative store.
West Yorkshire based Commercial Development Projects Ltd, part of the Marshall Construction Group, has said that it proposes to change the building from one large store to number of new shops with quality housing above.
The former Co-op store has stood empty for a number of years gradually becoming, what some residents described, as ‘an eyesore’ and has been at the centre of a political tug of war with a local property developer in the past.
The new plans come hot on the heels of the decision by the Labour administration decision to appoint Bowmer and Kirkland to develop and build the Commissioners Quay site through Arch, one of Northumberland County Council’s ‘Family of Firms’. This development will create specialist office space and residential properties.
“After many false dawns, the sale of Westgate House has been finally concluded and it’s clear that the developer has exciting plans for the site which include the creation of a wide ranging shopping experience and quality residential units above. You just have to look at the track record of Commercial Development Projects Ltd and its parent company Marshall Construction Group to see that they will deliver a quality project for Blyth. We see this as yet another thumbs up for Blyth and we’re committed to working with Blyth Town Council to assist them with the development of their neighbourhood plan. This plan would ensure that development in the town becomes a reality whilst secondary development further along Cowpen Road could be placed on the back burner to allow the development of the town centre. This will mean the creation of local jobs including some apprenticeships through Arch”.
Councillor Davey then urged ‘local politicians to start recognising the positive rebirth of Blyth along with the falling unemployment rate in the town’.
“Some people have described Blyth as a dump – the truth is Blyth was neglected for over 5 years but we’re now committing serious cash and solid plans to create a town that can thrive in the 21st century and I’m saying let’s back the town, it’s people and make sure these developments are supported”.

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