Friday, 20 June 2014

Northumberland County Council must cut its revenue by £130M over a 4 year period to meet the Tories and LibDem cuts imposed by this government

 Northumberland County Council must cut its revenue budget by £130M over a four year period to meet Government targets.

 Post 16 Transport is a non-mandatory service.

 Schools and FE Colleges receive £4425 per post 16 learner.

 Northumberland County Council receives £0 per post 16 learner.

 49% of post 16 learners choose to stay within Northumberland to advance their learning.

 The 51% of learners who chose education outside Northumberland have removed £28M from the in-County Education system through the former post 16 transport policy.

 It costs Northumberland County Council £750 per year to bus a learner to their nearest place of education.

 Northumberland County Council has offered surplus places on school buses to parents at £600 per year a loss of £150 per learner per year.

 Payments can be made by Direct Debit.

 The decision of the Policy Board on post 16 transport is final and Council cannot change that decision.

 £900,000 has been dedicated to assist those who have special needs or can’t afford to travel to their nearest educational establishment.

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