Thursday, 5 March 2015

“It’s hypocritical to pretend in public you support a policy like the Living Wage and then vote against it in the council budget


Local Conservatives profess to support policies like the Living Wage yet vote against them in Labour’s budget


Wansbeck and Morpeth would have missed out on dozens of much needed investment projects had local Conservatives led by Councillor Peter Jackson and Morpeth Councillor David Bawn got their way after last week’s budget vote (25 Feb).

The Conservatives voted against the Labour budget at meeting and now Labour are pointing out that a raft of policies would have been sacrificed by the Conservatives as they put ‘politics before people’. Polices such as new leisure centres’ for Ponteland and Morpeth, extra cash for the flood defences in Morpeth, schools capital investment program, new affordable homes program and the Living Wage from Oct 2015 would have been scrapped if the Conservative attempt to derail the budget had been successful.

Labour group and Council Leader Grant Davey said

“It’s hypocritical to pretend in public you support a policy like the Living Wage and then vote against it in the council budget. Local Conservatives couldn’t even be bothered to put forward an alternative budget and relied instead on a cynical attempt to wreck our budget which put a whole raft of polices at risk. The recent independent Peer Review highlighted deliberate attempts by the opposition to discredit the council as a barrier to further progression and this attempt to block £350m worth of capital investment was the latest example of that. Local Conservatives will have to answer to residents in the future for these attempts to block progress”.



Notes for Editors – the policies which would have been halted or scrapped if the Conservative vote had been successful

  1. Morpeth Surface Water Scheme to enhance the flood barrier scheme.
  2. Schools capital Investment Program.
  3. East Sleekburn Enterprise Zone Job Creation.
  4. Morpeth North bypass/A1 Link Road.
  5. Ashington Leisure facilities Ph2.
  6. Disabled Facilities Grant.
  7. Ashington Blyth and Tyne Rail Line Investment program.
  8. New Schools Reorganisation for Morpeth.
  9. Ashington Schools Partnership program.
  10. Park Refurbishment program.
  11. Street Lighting Renewals Program.
  12. Highways repair and maintenance program.
  13. Elderly care grant.
  14. Solar farm projects.
  15. Biomass for schools project.
  16. Priority School Building Programme for Bedlington High School.
  17. Gallacher Park pavilion project.
  18. New affordable homes program.
  19. Living Wage from Oct 2015



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