Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Project falls short of Berwick by 25 miles and won’t start until after 2020 General Election


Project falls short of Berwick by 25 miles and won’t start until after 2020 General Election

News that the Highways Agency have side lined the proposed partial dualling of the A1 has been greeted with dismay by Labour PPC Scott Dickinson in North Northumberland.

The stretches between Morpeth and Felton and Alnwick to Ellingham are now not scheduled to begin preparatory work until after 2020 after the Highways Agency set out its criteria for the work. The original announcement had attracted criticism after it was revealed that the dualled A1 would not include a 25 mile stretch to Berwick prompting calls by Labour to ‘clarify’ why Berwick had been snubbed.

Now Labour’s Scott Dickinson is highlighting the link between short sighted coalition cuts and, what has been dubbed ‘a second rate scheme’. He says that Berwick is being short changed by a government obsessed with ‘spinning’ rather than delivering concrete infrastructure plans.

He’s also comparing the ‘second rate scheme’ with Labour’s new budget which has already seen over 150 new affordable homes built in North Northumberland, the Ashington-Blyth-Tyne line and the new Berwick Infirmary, all delivered through a Labour budget which was opposed by local Tories.

Scott Dickinson said

“Compare Labour’s record on the council of quietly getting on with the job of delivering new homes, new hospitals and a new railway system which mean new jobs, more money in the local economy and new facilities for people with a coalition ‘spin job’ on a ‘so called second rate dual the A1 scheme’ which manages to miss Berwick altogether. Now we’re told the scheme won’t start until after the next General Election in 2020. North Northumberland deserves better than a shoddy bodge job”.   


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